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Eastern Mediterranean: Turkey and Greece

Greece and Turkey - In touch with history

With mild temperatures from April till late October, lively coastal towns, a plethora of historical sights from the ancient Greece to medieval crusaders embedded in sceneries of magical authenticity, the Aegean has every prerequisite for a dream vacation on a yacht.


Along its coastline, Greece offers everything you could wish for. The Etesian winds mean that, in the summery Cyclades and the emerald green sea of the Southern Aegean with the twelve islands that make up the Dodecanes, you can be sure of a reliable wind and of a challenge for sporty crews.

The Cyclades alone include over 200 islands and, because of the fertility of the area, they were referred to in ancient times as the “Pearls of Hellas”. The islands are all unique in character and offer a rich testimony of a great past: temples, sculptures, theatres and monasteries. The beauty of the islands, the incomparably bright Aegean light, and the pleasant climate have made this group of islands world famous.

People who want a more leisurely time aboard their luxurious charter yacht will tend to head for the Sporades, such as Skiathos, Skopelos and Alonnisos, or the Ionian Islands. Here, pine forests alternate with vineyards, and rocky bays with splendid sandy beaches which can only be reached from the sea. On no account should you miss the wonderful labyrinth on the island of Paxos. The Saronic Gulf is also an excellent place to sail and offers a lot of variety.


The region where the Orient meets the Occident gains its charm not only from the contrasts between these cultures, but also from Turkish hospitality and the local cuisine which is considered by many to be the best and most varied in the Eastern Mediterranean.

There is an ideal region for cruising off the southeastern Turkish coast, the area reputed to have the “most beautiful skies” and “the most pleasant climate in the world". You can discover a host of picturesque bays and villages, islands and steep coastlines, pine forests and golden beaches. This region stretches from Finike in the east, across the Gulf of Fethiye, the Bay of Marmaris in the south, the Gulf of Gökova by Bodrum, up to Cesme on the west coast of Turkey. Historical sights and lovely scenery near the coast, Ephesus, Halicarnassus, Xanthos, Kaunos and the famous Lycian rock-cut tombs in Myra are always worth a trip ashore.

The best periods for a yacht charter in the Eastern Mediterranean are the months May and June before the summer heat. The months September and October also boast mild temperatures and a sea warmed up by the summer sun.

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