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Selling your Yacht

A Yacht is more than an investment in quality of life.
It should also pay off.

You have decided to pass on your own floating gem to a responsible new owner.

Our experts understand the fine art of matching the interests of buyers and sellers like no-one else. A decisive factor here is his profound knowledge of the market - plus a nose for the best achievable price which is determined by far more factors than just the current values of such an emotionally laden object.

When selling your motor or sailing yacht, we make use not only of the continuous dialogue with potential customers from Sydney to Southampton, but also of a database which we have built up over decades and which contains prospective buyers. We represent your interests at the major boat shows from Monaco to Fort Lauderdale, and market your offer on the Internet and through the exchange of information with other leading international yacht brokers.

Talk to us about your ideas. We'll make sure that your business is handled with your interests as owner of the yacht in mind - from the offer to payment, all the way to transfer. Then you can relax and devote yourself to really important matters.