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6 tips on how to buy a yacht

You can’t put a price on the feeling of liberty and independence you experience on a yacht of your own. On a luxury yacht, you can add to this experience the excellent service of a professional crew.

And yet, buying a yacht, whether sailing yacht or motor yacht, means first of all an investment. In order to make sure that this investment pays off for you in every respect, our brokers have put together 6 essential tips for potential yacht buyers:


1. Whether motor yacht or sailing yacht – Find the yacht that suits you best

Every yacht is different. Therefore, you should try to find out first of all the kind and type of yacht that makes the perfect match for you and your lifestyle. Apart from obvious considerations such as sailing yacht or motor yacht, classic or sportive, planing hull or displacement yacht, you should also try to establish how you will use the yacht. Are you planning to participate at regattas? Are you planning to travel long distances on you yacht? You also need to determine how many people you want to accommodate on board, how long it should be and how many cabins it should have.

2. New or pre-owned?

Do you want to build a new yacht according to your ideas or do you prefer to buy an already existing yacht? At a new build project you can be involved from A to Z, from the conception to the final delivery of your yacht. A pre-owned yacht has other advantages; it comes for instance with an attractive price and has proven its seaworthiness.

3. Seek advice from a professional broker

Find a trustworthy broker to assist you in finding and choosing the perfect yacht for you. He knows the market and the prices of yachts worldwide; he has the technical know-how and will negotiate in your best interest.

4. Compare several yachts!

Visit more than one yacht personally! First when on board and in direct comparison, you will detect advantages and disadvantages of different yacht models. And you will realize which features on a yacht matter most for you.

5. Charter a yacht

Be a yacht owner on trial by chartering a yacht! A yacht charter allows you and your family to test whether a certain type of yacht suits you and your ideas. Our charter department will gladly assist you in chartering a suitable yacht.

6. Draw up a realistic cost plan

Make sure to bear in mind the consequential costs and include them in the calculation of your budget. Running costs such as crew wages, berth fees, insurance and registration fees should be included right from the start. If neglected, a boat quickly loses value. Also in this part of the buying process, our brokers will be there to advise you.


Do you have any questions? Contact us! Our brokers are looking forward to discuss matters personally with you.